About Us

DMR offers a full spectrum of strategic communications consulting services to make any media work for you. As a creative advertising agency, we develop and create out-of-the-box ideas, relevant and meaningful brand positioning and outstanding and unexpected top quality creative work. We, jointly with our clients, work towards achieving qualitative and quantitative results. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at DMR – dreams are made real!


DMR Advertising & Promotions was founded in January 2000. We consist of highly energetic and totally dedicated individuals who have been in the industry for decades. Each and every result driven team member is well proficient in his/her own field, strengthening the backbone of the company. DMR followed a typical growth from a single designer to a fully enabled advertising agency. This steady growth from design to strategic communications services has allowed us to develop hands on experience at all stages of projects for our clients. Today, we have grown from offering initial Corporate ID design to providing promotion strategies involving sales promotion, personal selling, marketing packs etc. We continuously strive to be the best and we dare to dream big!!

Innovative, Professional, Personal

We understand that because customers differ, communication programs need to be developed for specific segments, niches and even individuals. Our company plan strategies not only for “How can you reach your customers” but also “How can you find ways to let your customer reach you”.

All our creative ideas are formulated with the skills and resources of an innovative creative department. We have the skills, experience and expertise in creating design for different mediums, from business cards to giant banners, from leaflets to annual reports, from web pages to multimedia presentations. Our fully integrated communication strategies will take your brand forward. And most importantly, our services are not only highly professional but also highly personal in nature. Which is why most of our clients have been with us from the beginning.


At DMR, we are proud of the fact that we create and develop credible, logical and meaningful brands and produce efficient and cost effective full range of traditional and new media advertising.



DMR Productions is a new subsidiary of DMR Advertising & Promotions which has been in the field for the past 13 years.

DMR’s track record includes introducing the unique and the unusual to Singapore’s audience. In 2003, as part of Guinness Comedy Showcase, we introduced “live” Improv Comedy in Singapore. Soon after, Improv groups from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA were brought in. And as this brand of comedy grew in popularity, DMR once again broke new grounds by taking it off stage and into schools and corporations via workshops on creative thinking, confidence building, public speaking, thinking on your feet and many more attributes.

In 2004, DMR brought monologue to Singapore audiences via Broadway actor Bruce Kuhn, who recited “Gospel of Luke” and “Acts of the Apostles” from the Bible’s King James Version, word by word, from memory. This monologue combines religion with art and has become so popular that it is running full-house for past 6 years. The show ran successfully in Singapore and across the causeway in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Sabah. In 2011, Bruce returned to Singapore to perform another monologue, “Tales of Tolstoy” which is to date the most challenging show to market for DMR, however with support from the Russian Embassy, we came out with flying colors and sold out 3 of 4 shows.

In addition to group comedy, DMR is also renown for its “one man” stand up comedy shows with international names like Karen Loftus (USA), Pink (New Zealand), Rex Navarette (USA) and Dan Nainan (USA). It is also active in music, working with partners like Hype Records and MTV Asia, organizing shows to showcase local and international artists.

To foster greater collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia, CausewayEXchange was formed, which is an innovative arts platform, now going into its 5th year!!